Firebird Raceway, an NHRA Drag Racing facility first established in 1968, is a Treasure Valley instituion. But its website was downright institutional: A static HTML site that had to be updated daily by a programmer.

It was a situation that wasn’t cutting it for our clients, or for today’s ever-churning racing world. We created a WordPress site with a content management system that gives Firebird full control over what appears, including a cache of historic photos in the Blast From the Past gallery. Racers (and racing fans) can now easily track points thanks to the Super Pro points list, a must-have during big, signature Firebird races like the Pepsi Nightfire Nationals. A regularly updated blog gives fans the info they crave before every big race. The design gives the user a feeling of momentum, with text that slants right, as if a drag racer has just sped by. The black-and-grey color scheme is punctuated with pops of dark blue and red, and new features like embedded video contribute to the overall experience: inclusive, exciting, tons of fun.

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