Snake River Farms is a premium brand owned by Agri Beef, a longtime Boise company known for working with Western ranchers to provide some of the best beef in the country.

Snake River FarmsOver the years, under the uber-connected influence of Marketing Manager Dave Yasuda, top chefs (including top chefs who have actually been on “Top Chef”) have begun to rely on Snake River Farms for its outstanding quality. It’s incredibly popular on the barbecue circuit, too, where champions have found a winning edge with the brand’s briskets.

We love eating — and we love Dave — so we jumped at the chance to work on the Snake River Farms catalog. We’ve worked with the company for multiple seasons on each catalog’s photography, layout, and copy. The catalog comes out in the early summer, just in time for Father’s Day, and in the fall. The holiday season is the biggest selling time of the year for Snake River Farms.

Since the beginning of our work with Snake River Farms, we’ve drawn inspiration not from other catalogs but from world-class food magazines like Saveur and Bon Appetit. A magnificently marbled ribeye is a thing of beauty, but it’s even more tempting when it’s presented as part of a gorgeous summertime grilling photo spread. We’ve honed the copy down to delicious descriptions rather than massive paragraphs to allow more room for photos and how-to tips. And we’ve included photos of Snake River Farm’s customer service reps, who are famous for their ability to help callers select the perfect gift.

We’re proud of the way we’ve elevated this brand’s catalog, and we’re excited to refine it even further in the future. Now, if only we could get our stomachs to stop rumbling.

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