Boise’s Most Vibrant Gathering Place

We worked with Capital City Development Corporation to brand “Boise’s living room.”

The Grove Plaza is the epicenter of downtown Boise. This hub of activity is known for its famous fountain, as a party spot for Alive After Five, or as a place to relax or enjoy an outdoor lunch. Yet The Grove Plaza lacked an identity as a public space and was often confused with The Grove Hotel and Boise Centre (formerly called the Boise Centre on The Grove). The general public knew the area but didn’t identify the words The Grove Plaza as a place, as it has never had a formal name or brand.

We designed an iconic brand for The Grove Plaza that features its beloved fountain as the main image. The design uses an authentic slab-serif typeface and a fun, modern-deco illustration of the fountain to reflect this friendly Boise gathering place.

In addition, we programmed a mobile-optimized BrickFinder, which allows one to locate where their personalized brick can be found on The Grove Plaza.

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